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Conference programme

9.30-10.00 – Registering the participants

10.00-10.15- Opening Speech: Professor Lazăr Cornel- vice-rector UPG, chairman of the scientific committee; Professor Verginia Vedinaş-University of  Bucharest, chairman of the Institute for Administrative Sciences “Paul Negulescu” in Sibiu; Professor Daniel Mihail Şandru- chairman of the Association for Law and European Affairs (ARDAE), Scientific Researcher gr. II – coordinator, the Centre for European Law Studies, the Institute for Judicial Researches, the Romanian Academy; guests from abroad.

10.15-12.30- Communications and debates session

12.30-13.15- Break

13.15-15.30- Communications and debates

15.30-15.45- Break

15.45-17.00- Debates. Conclusions


17.15-19.15-Communication and debates

19.15-20.00- Conclusions